Littlstar is the world's largest immersive video platform, streaming 360 video on PlayStation, iOS, Android, AppleTV, Android TV, Daydream, and the web. As Director of Product, I led the expansion and re-focusing of the company's core applications to provide high-demand features to Littlstar's core user base. This involved expanded 360 media player support, as well as support for additional formats such as legacy video and augmented reality assets.

Additionally, I led product direction on Ara, a new decentralized media distribution technology that was spun off to support the company's core business. Development of Ara consisted of a new blockchain protocol, peer-to-peer file sharing infrastructure, and decentralized file management application for end-users. I worked closely with principle leads across the engineering & business development teams to define the rules of the network, anticipate common use-cases based on user feedback, and design & plan the development of key supporting applications for the product's launch. Ara launched on the Ethereum network at the end of 2018.

Director of Product, Project Management, UX Design, Visual Design, Branding, Copywriting

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