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Logan Dwight

Design & Product Strategy

I'm a software designer and product strategist from San Francisco, CA. I work with creative teams to help bring their best ideas to life. From initial project scope all the way to developer-ready designs and specs, I focus on work that's built to scale. I want to help you build something right, and build it to last.

I'd love to work with you. Here's where I can help:

Visual Design - UI & UX - Product Strategy

Past Work

Kamcord Profile Page
Kamcord Profile Mobile
Kamcord Video Page
Kamcord Video Mobile
Skycatch Login Screen
Skycatch Loading
Skycatch Run Screen
Skycatch Images
Catch Notes
Catch Signup
Catch Profile
Catch Info
Whether Logo
Kamcord Profile Mobile
Kamcord Video Mobile
Air Highway 1
Air Highway 2
Skycatch Alerts
Skycatch Map
Skycatch Interactive
Skycatch Mobile 1
Skycatch Mobile 2
Catch Homepage
Catch Mobile 1
Catch Mobile 2
NickelPUNK Logo
Kabam Home Page
Dragons of Atlantis
Whether Concept
Whether UI

Let's make something awesome together.

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